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GovScience Partners LLC (GovScience®) is a privately held U.S. based professional services firm, established in 2005, with extensive experience in infrastructure, technologies, program management, operations management and business strategies serving private sector & government entities worldwide. Our target clients include various branches of Federal, State and Local Government, their affiliates, and private sector companies that provide services, products, financing and outsourcing support to government organizations and related entities internationally. Our primary business focus is to provide collaborative and comprehensive value-add consulting services and solutions to government agencies, consultants, contractors, investors and service providers throughout the U.S. and abroad through direct contractual relationship, business alliances and strategic partnering. GovScience® specializes in intelligent transportation & infrastructure market sectors, including electronic toll collection, automatic traffic management and intelligent parking solutions.

We pursue long-term business relationships with the objective of providing professional services and solutions of the highest integrity, quality and value. The central focus of our corporate culture is based on developing cohesive business relationships with our clients and partners, where the cornerstone of that relationship is helping them achieve success in their business goals. We maintain affiliations with a variety of firms and subject matter experts to offer a full range of specialized services for our clients beyond our traditional core competencies. The industry we serve has an international presence, hence we operate as a virtual business enterprise and travel extensively to support the real-time needs of our clients and partners.

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GovScience® is a registered service mark proprietary to GovScience Holdings LLC and

permission for use by GovScience Partners LLC is granted under license agreement.


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